100th POST- GORMAN 2012


Ok I admit, I have been neglecting this little blog of mine.  I have been so busy setting up my new salon Saint Louie Hair that I didn't have time to look after Heads Will Roll. But I shan't be talking about that now.

Here's some wig work I did for the lovely people at GORMAN. Its the Swimwear High Summer 2012 collection and as you can see for yourself.



Thank you for your patience, it's been a long time to wait.

The official notice is:

Jean-Paul Rosette formally of Worksense Hair has opened a new salon with his two good friends.

Shop 3 16-30 Russell Place 
Melbourne 3000

ph 96501001

Meet you at Saint Louie.

A big thank you to Einar Hansen for his support and photography.



Sorry about the my time away from this blog but I have been busy, very busy. I know people say that but I mean it. I've been busy building and opening up my own salon here in Melbourne CBD.

It's like I've been living a double life - hairstylist by day and tradie by night.

Before I go into that, there are some people and salons I'd like to thank for all their support and for nurturing me all these years.

Richard from Pose hairdressing Melbourne 
Marios From Forecast hairdressing Melbourne
Eva  from Eva Scrivo New York.
All the wonderful guys and talent at Fish Hairdressing London.
And lastly everybody at Worksense Haircutters Melbourne, thank you so much for all the support and the fun times I've had. I couldn't have done it without you.

Jean-Paul Rosette



I've been holding out posting this until the the official Gorman Lookbook came out featuring the lovely Kate Peck was published. But finally, here it is for you to enjoy.

For further reading on Gorman.

And links to Short hair.
Hair by Jean-Paul.
Inspired by Jean Seberg.

And a big thank you to the all the lovely ladies at GORMAN.



Some hair I did for JANUARY MAGAZINE.

Photographer Jo Duck, Styling Pouline Toepfer, Olivia Nicholas,

Model Renee Kitchen,

Hair by Jean-Paul Rosette, Make Up Fiona Middleton.

Further reading and photos for short hair.

And be sure to check out January Magazine's Blog here.



I'm here to tell you about my Horrible Bosses moment.

Not my Boss, he’s not horrible- I have to say that, he reads this blog. Let me explain Mr Boss, if you are in fact reading this. I was talking about the movie “Horrible Bosses”. You see, I got involved in a spot of grooming for the Horrible Bosses Film Tour of Melbourne. Yeah I know what your thinking, me hanging out with Hollywood types like Jason Bateman, the charming Jason Sudeikis and the very funny Charlie Day is all soo glamorous. But to tell you truth, it was.



You might recall me talking about the shoot titled Carousel where I dismantled some foam picked up from Clarke Rubber and carved them into shapes. Then wrapped hair around them to form headpieces for the models to wear. Bespoke headpieces to the model’s exact hair colour and head shape. It’s painstaking stuff that kept me up for nights on end. The end result was better than I expected and I was eager to get involved in some more needle and thread.

I call this Kraft Work.

After a drunken chat around a kitchen table with the lovely Girl’s from Gorman (cult Melbourne based fashion label) I was enlisted to produce a Carmen Miranda style headpiece that involved fruit but done in a modern way to be shown at the upcoming Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2011, something that wouldn’t distract from the outfit and something that wouldn’t look kitsch.

Not knowing if this was just the tipple talking or if they thought I could pulls this off I set off to procure the best looking fake fruit I could buy and thought about how I could secure them on an unknown model’s head with no trial and 72 hours notice.

However, you can see the results for yourself.

Swimwear from Gorman. Image taken from fashionising .



I totally dig it when a client brings me a photo of the haircut they want. I really do.

Chances are you have already seen MS. ANNE CATHERINE FREY’S photo on of the many street style blogs. Or you have been following very popular blog called A TRULY INTRIGUING SUBJECT. And I’ve been meaning to write a few words on her haircut, not so much as to talk about how popular “boy short” haircuts are at the moment but as a visual reference for those readers who have been searching the Internet for a haircut to show their hairdressers.

I really do appreciate a client who brings in photos of haircuts they would like. It’s as if they have done their homework and gives me a better idea on what they are after.

Further reading on SHORT HAIRCUTS and BOWL HAIRCUTS.


If you only buy one hairbrush, invest in the best brush money can buy, a MASON PEARSON brush. An essential item for any beauty kit, whether you’re a professional hairstylist, make-up artist or novice. Or for anyone who takes pride in his or her crowning glory.

Here’s a quick history lesson about the company.

Mason Pearson is the founder and engineer inventor of the Mason Pearson Brush. In the mid 1860s he worked for the British Steam Brush Works where he learned the trade. He mastered brush making by hand. Later to partner with Raper Pearson Gill to form a small brush making business.

In 1885 he invented the automatic boaring machine to speed the process of making brushes by hand. He became well known for his brush making skills and he won the Silver Medal at the International Inventions Exhibition awards. He also created ‘pneumaticrubber cushion brush. It took Mason until 1905 to improve his technique and become successful. Most of the brush work is still done by hand and the company remains a family business.



Two of the most populuar post here on HEADS WILL ROLL are DIP DYE and OMBRE` hair coloring. Here are some examples of the same effect as dip dye used beautifully in an editorial with hair extensions or wefts of hair.

Hair by SHON.
Modeled by Meghan Collison and Fei Fei.
For Vogue China.


90. Ara Gallant. Hairdressing Hall Of Fame.

Twiggy- flying hair.

Ok, so you watched the video on the previous post called "flying hair" now you can see where the idea came from.

Ara Gallant was born Ira Gallantz in 1932 in the Bronx, but later changed his name because he felt Ara Gallant sounded more exotic. And the life he led was, indeed, an exotic one. Gallant started his career in fashion as a hairdresser, working at Bergdorf Goodman as one of New York’s top colorists. By the mid-1960s he was approached by Vogue and began working exclusively as hair-stylist on photo assignments. In fact, he was the first hair stylist to be paid for such work. Today we call that a "session hair stylist".

Gallant worked with many of the great fashion photographers of the period, Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and Bert Stern, among them. His most notable contribution was the introduction "flying hair" a visual gimmick he first used on an Avedon shot with Twiggy in 1966. The effect is still widely copied today.

Angelika houston

Sophia Loren

By the early 1970s Gallant began shooting picture himself. His first assignment was celebrity portraits for Interview magazine. His work often juxtaposed classic Horst-like compositions with contemporary scenarios. In the early 1980s Gallant moved to L.A. to lead with his friend Jack Nicholson and to pursue a directing career. It never happened, in the 1990's he committed suicide in a hotel room in Las Vegas.

Sissy Spacek

Drew Barrymoore

Ara Gallant