66. Ombre, Ombre!! Dip Dye part 2.

Ok, so regular readers of Heads Will Roll would have already seen my blog post titled Dip Dye I wrote awhile back, if you haven’t check it out here. You can’t miss it, it was my 50th post. Anyway, I digress.

I thought this time I would explore the other side of this color of the dip dye technique that some hairstylist call ombre color, or graduated hair colour. It has a softer feel than the aggressive dip dye. Less in your face.

Here are some popular FAQ’s about ombre or dip dye hair color that I can answer.

Q. Is ombre or dip dye hair technique low maintenance?

A. Not really. There is a fine line between deliberate hair color and “I need my roots done” so regular trips to the salon is needed for shine and touch ups. Blonde hair often looks brittle at the ends so regular haircuts are mandatory.

Q. What is the difference between “dip dye” and Ombre hair color?

A. The dip Dye technique leaves a hard line best suited to blunt haircuts of any length. Whereas Ombre color is a soft blending of color from roots to the ends of your hair, say from dark to light, or the other way around. This technique is best suited for longer layered or choppy haircuts.

Q. Is Dip Dye and Ombre hair color technique new?

A. Not at all, it’s been one of the many techniques in the hairdressing arsenal for years. Like all things fashionable, it’s come around again this time with more gusto.

Feel free to comment or to ask me anything regarding this post.

And If you want to see more images of Alexa Chung, Abby Lee Kershaw, Drew Barrymore, Katie Shillingford and Lou Doillion all sporting dip dye hair please click here.


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  2. i have natural blonde hair , i was hoping to dip dye the bottom a lighter shade im not sure if this will look silly please help xo

  3. I have long, straight, dark brown hair to the bottom of my ribs. Is there any affordable way to dip dye my hair starting from four Inches up from the bottom with a medium blonde without bleaching, because I don't want my hair to go brittle or really white.

  4. who is that on the second picture??