Nina Butkovich-Budden and Marko Mitanovski Spring/Summer 2010

My award given to hairstylist Nina Butkovich-Budden for the Marko Mitanoski show for best hair I have seen at London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010.

About Nina.

Nina Butkovich-Budden began cutting and styling with vintage and retro ideas in mind for her friends before founding Nina's Hair Parlour. She covers a wide range of styles from the Belle Epoch to the Swinging 60s. She dabbles extensively in the Avant Gardé and the theatrical nature of style as shown in her hair styling and millinary skills.
Nina has acted as a period style consultant for The Young Vic Theatre in Waterloo and created styles for the Ray Davies musical Come Dancing for the Theatre Royal in London. She has worked with a range of photographers and stylists both for print photography and international fashion shows including the Life Ball 2008 in Vienna where she worked with stylist Danilo. She helped create styles for the dancers in The Kylie Minogue Show, Kylie Minogue's relaunch on English TV Channel, ITV in 2008.

Click here to read more about Marko Mitanovski.


Weapans of mass beautification... Big hair Part 1.

I get asked this question all the time... How do I get big hair?

Shampoo hair twice.
Use very little conditioner.
Rinse thoroughly.

*For fine hair spritz Aveda Volumizing tonic on 80% damp hair on roots and mid lengths.

* For medium to thick hair spritz MOP Liquid Mousse on 80% damp hair on roots and mid lengths.

Blow dry and style using a round brush.
Spritz extra product once again on roots, mid lengths and blow dry.

Extra points for scrunching, backcombing or hot rollers.
However that will be dealt with in a future post.