Upper Cut

Just a quick post today regarding all this chatter about the most expensive haircut according to The Guinness Book Of Records.

For 20,000 pounds, That's $38,690 (aus) approx you get:

* chauffeur driven limo from your home to the airport
* first class flight to the UK
* limo will pick you up at the airport and take you to one of Britain’s finest hotels
* champagne lunch
* Stuart Phillips will escort you to the salon
* extensive hair consultation
* head and scalp massage
* haircut
* instructions to maintain style and suggestions for different ways of wearing it
* selection of L’Oreal products
* limo ride back to the hotel
* day two to spend as you wish
* limo ride back to the airport on the final day
* limo ride from airport to your home
* a portion of the proceeds go to 2 different charities

Second day blow-dry, translator, personal chef and personal security are optional.
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Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

A couple of ad campaigns have got my attention this month with big fuzzed out hair, which is a nice change, and after all isn’t that what it’s all about?

Take a look at photographer Steven Meisel, he definitely must have a thing for big Fuzzy hair at the moment. For both Prada and Mulberry F/W 09-10 ad campaigns are the best examples I could find in creating a mood that feels other worldly and contemporary.

Featuring models Ymre Stiekema, Julia Hafstrom, Kendra Spears, Katlin Aas , Anna de Rijk, Kasia Struss and Irina Kulikova.



The most expensive shampoo I can get my hands on is Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo, and at $140us, (that's $170 for the Australian viewers). 

The big question is does it work?

Yes, and no.
Yes, it made the hair feel amazing and silky smooth not to mention the beautiful smell. Yes it did make the hair feel a million dollars.

And no, as a hairstylist it is so rich and made the hair feel so smooth and silky it did in fact make it hard to style and to give the hair body and bounce. 

Best for: coarse, chemically treated hair, curly hair.
Not for: fine hair.

For that kind of money, I could come around to your house and shampoo your hair myself. 



Little Tailleur Look Book

I had a great time doing this shoot and I'm very happy with the end result. 
And yes indeed, I also picked out a dress for my girlfriend.

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Patron Saint Of Hairdressers

St. Martin de Porres.

Now I’m not a religious guy, however I do like the idea of salons world wide hanging this little picture up on their walls.

St. Martin de Porres became the patron saint of hairdressers because hairdressing was one of the duties he performed for his brothers in the friary.

Check him out, he looks like Moss Deff or the guy who played Jesus in Madonna’s Like A Pray music video.

St. Martin de Porres was born at Lima, Peru, in 1579. His father was a Spanish gentleman and his mother a coloured freed-woman from Panama. At fifteen, he became a lay brother at the Dominican Friary at Lima and spent his whole life there-as a barber, farm laborer, almoner, and infirmarian among other things.

I wonder what I have to do to get canonized as a modern day saint? And wouldn't it look good on my resume`.



What the sea wants, the sea gets.

This is what happens to photo shoots that don’t work.

Some things we plan, we sit and we invent and we plot and cook up,

But not all these well-rehearsed visions of exaggerated life I call photo shoots go well. Take this little shoot I call “what the sea wants, the sea gets”.

It all started with a simple idea, to stretch myself as a hairstylist, to go further than just a pretty haircut on a pretty girl. And then it came to me, what if I photographed a girl underwater, her hair would float majestically in the big blue yonder.

I got all excited and organized a photographer that was willing and able, and a few beautiful people in a family friends pool.

We thought we could pitch the photo to Levi, Mount Franklin Water, any hair care companies et al.

 And this is what happened. 

The hair extensions that I carefully placed in the models hair kept coming out. So after a couple of frames the model had to come out of the pool, and get the hair extensions back in her hair. We sent the image to everyone, Levi, Globe, Mooks, Nudie Jeans, Aqua, Wella, L`Oreal, Mount Franklin to name a few. And not one company replied. Not one phone call, not one email.  On top of that, all involved with the shoot caught the cold, I mean everybody, the models, the photographer, the stylist, the assistants and myself all had to have four days off. And what went wrong is that is hard to convince people that I, in fact had spent hours doing hair for this shoot.

 And the shoot never went anywhere.

 All what remains is here for your viewing pleasure.