Patron Saint Of Hairdressers

St. Martin de Porres.

Now I’m not a religious guy, however I do like the idea of salons world wide hanging this little picture up on their walls.

St. Martin de Porres became the patron saint of hairdressers because hairdressing was one of the duties he performed for his brothers in the friary.

Check him out, he looks like Moss Deff or the guy who played Jesus in Madonna’s Like A Pray music video.

St. Martin de Porres was born at Lima, Peru, in 1579. His father was a Spanish gentleman and his mother a coloured freed-woman from Panama. At fifteen, he became a lay brother at the Dominican Friary at Lima and spent his whole life there-as a barber, farm laborer, almoner, and infirmarian among other things.

I wonder what I have to do to get canonized as a modern day saint? And wouldn't it look good on my resume`.



  1. Where did you find this picture? It is badass. I have a special devotion to Martin because I was born on his feast day (Nov3), so he's my patron too. (My middle name is Martin)

    So, I need a print of this. I want it framed in my house.
    Later, Eddie

  2. Great blog! St. Martin de Porres is a badass, in the true sense of the word. In addition to being the patron saint of hairdressers, he's also the patron saint of interracial justice and patron saint of the poor. My grandmother used to have a little altar to him in her bedroom, and his glowing red eyes scared the bejeezus out of me. It wasn't until I was an adult when I really began to appreciate him.

  3. if by "badass" you mean humble and a lover of human and animal-kind, you are so right, brother!

  4. I think youll find he is already canonised... thats why hes St (saint) Martin de Pores.... already a saint.