Neoclassic Man - Redux

This is just to remind you all of a previous post i wrote a couple of months back
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neoclassic man.
It is finally published at Cosmetiholic.com and an excuse to put up another photo of Morrissy

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I had so much fun doing this shoot as you can tell by the end result.
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This Charming Man


Jean-Paul: How are you and where are you?

Simon: Really well sitting on my balcony on a rare sunny morning in London after  just coming back from a week in Istanbul.

JPR: How long have you been in the hairdressing game?

SS: 5yrs as a Thursday night Saturday boy 17 yrs professionally God that's 22yrs altogether! When i started i said I'd  try it out until i got bored! which I'm still not!

JPR: Where have you worked?

SS: Melbourne Australia - Tokyo Japan - New York USA - London UK - Berlin Germany - Milan Italy - Paris France - Havana Cuba and then pretty much where ever else I've travelled.

 JPR: Where did you start and why hairdressing?

 SS:"Feathers Hair"  Donvale, on a Saturday morning so i could get MY hair done . Then "Godfrey and Taylor" , Toorak to meet gay guys and make some cash till i started a sculpture degree. My mum was a hairdresser and i have always loved the sculptural element of it.

 JPR: What are you working on at the moment?

 SS: A Tatler beauty shoot based on the galaxy. A pilot for a new UK/TV show. Paloma Faith and a couple of weddings for the weekend.

JPR:  Top 10 products / tools in your kit and why?

SS:  " Phillip B" products"drop dead straightening baume" for its ease - Jet set hairspray for its beautiful smell and finish - Russian Amber shampoo for it opulence and rejuvenating qualities and his Shin Shine for its brilliant shine. "********" straightening and crimping irons all in one which are amazing. Japanese grips and pins because they are the best for hold and strength - "Fuji"- more Z - 5 1/2 inch scissors for there precision and beauty - Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo for texture -  Masson and Pearson cushion brush for great smoothing ability - Graphite combs for less static - Classic silk boar bristle round brush's for great volume and lift and Lado Pro paddle brush's for strength and control.



JPR:  What has been your career highlight?

SS:  I have had many opportunities to work in the places and with the people i always wanted to from Beyonce to Vivienne Westwood and to name one highlight is hard. But if pushed I'd have to say becoming friends and working with the genius that was the stylist Isabella Blow  from campaigns for Tattler to Philip Treacy, Mc Queen to Bryan Ferry was always inspirational, amazing, fun and creative .The people she introduced me to are true world leaders of style and fashion.

JPR: What advice would you give a  young hairstylist?

SS:  Research research research know all about the past present and future, different eras and times. Align yourself with a company or stylist you really admire respect and believe in. Work hard but remember to have fun and enjoy it because it really is one of the most rewarding careers in the world.

JPR: How can we get in contact with you?

 SS:  settersimon2000@yahoo.com  or at SMITHS salon 57 Poland street Soho London.

JPR: Future Plans? 

SS: Many, there is talk of moving to LA. And then I've always had a strong passion

for Art and I'd love to do something more with it in curating and dealing.

Then every time i visit home i get a strong desire to move back and do

something.So who knows but what ever happens I'll always be doing

 something with hair.......




Sneak preview of Little Tailleur SS 09/10 look book

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Little Tailleur

I used a wig for this shoot. 
The key for making a wig look real is to bind the model's head as closely as possible. 
Here is a brief "how to" guide.

  1. Brush hair
  2. Secure with pins flat to the head
  3. Wrap head with medical gauze while removing pins
  4. Tape gauze down
  5. Cover model’s face with towel
  6. Spray dark hair spray of gauze
  7. Gently place wig and adjust
  8. Secure adjustments at the back of wig
  9. Thoroughly brush wig.
  10. Cut to suit model.
  11. Use gloss to style
  12. Use fringe pins to add texture

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