New York I love you, but you're bringing me down.

New York I love you, but you brining me down. Well, not really, just thought I should drop a LCD Soundsystem song as a catchy sound bite to talk about New York Fashion Week. More specifically the hair.

So without further ado:

Best hair of New York Fashion Week Spring 2010 goes to…(drum roll please)

Ashley Javier for Behnaz sarafpour

File between Beautifully set and with a touch of old world glamour. Apparently Inspired by modernist sculptor Alexander Calder meets Bladerunner.

Also worth a mention;

Didier Malige and his backstage team for the color work given to the girls of the Proenza Schouler show.

 And lastly;

Odile Gilbert colorful hairpieces for Zac Posen.






The Hairdressers Complained.

All hair by Luigi Murenu.

The hairdressers complained, in brief:

"What are the duties of barbers but to shave heads and purchase severed hair to give the needful plait by means of fire and iron on locks that are no longer living?"

The art of hairdressing, they continued, required at once the talents of poet, painter, and sculptor. "It is necessary," they insisted, "to understand shades of color, chiaroscuro and the proper distribution of shadow; the art of dressing prudes without making them obtrusive; the art of displaying the coquette, and of making the mother appear to be the elder sister of the daughter; the art of suiting the coiffure to the affections of the soul which someone is desired to comprehend, to the desire to please, to the languid bearing which wishes only to interest, to the vivacity which will brook no resistance - all this requires an intelligence which is not common and a tact which must be inborn. The art of the "coiffure des dames" is therefore an art bordering upon genius and consequently is a free and liberal art."


One to watch

I first saw Ranya Mordanova in V Magazine under the title "ones to watch". She has such a great haircut and dark looks that I had to give her a post here at Heads Will Roll. Since then, she has sprung up in campaigns for Givenchy and Form.



This is an interview was done for Street Style magazine 
and executed entirely via facebook chat. 

Meet Andrew Iacuone

Hey, how’s it going?

I'm Feeling pretty cool, just chillin in ma casa!!

Cool, so you’re a busy man to catch these days, so business must be good?

Business is pretty cool! All is good on that front.

Where are you working at the moment?

I'm working outta Momac in St Kilda.

I see
So I first met you when you were 19? Is that right?

Damn straight! A sparkly eyed youngster.

So when did you start as a hairdresser?

I was 14 Years Old. I Started at Toorak rd in Sth Yarra. At a good old place called Rok Studio!

14! That’s young... What was your first impression of ROK?

Well I initially started as Boy Saturday, and went from there. Rok was a dynamic space as I remember it. Full of Bravado and a real passion for Hair. I loved it. A tough gig though.

And what were your duties there as a 14 yr old?

Well. I made the best cafe' in town. Well at least that's what I told them. And I took care of the clients and the salon in general.

That's so cool. So they took you under their wing...so to speak?

Absolutely... or they threw you out of the nest! It was Pretty straight forward. I learned some great stuff in there.

So then, why hairdressing? Was that something the young Andrew got into or...?

Yeah I loved Fashion and did a stint at Dangerfield (which is a local fashion shop here in Australia). I didn't much like working in the rag trade though. But could see a lot of the same kinds of kids working in the hair game. So I gave it a shot. And felt at home straight up. I've never looked back since!

Okay. So then I met you again in London 2001, where did you work there?

I was working for Aveda at that time.
They had a cracker of a shop in Knotting hill. I was based there!

That's right. It feels like a lifetime ago.
I remember thinking that London was the "Mecca" of hairdressing. And that I was going to learn so much.
What did you learn from London as a hairdresser?

Well. To be honest, I remember feeling much the same. I was full of excitement and was quite overwhelmed at first. But soon came to realize that we Melbourne Haircutters rated pretty highly over there. I learned that "Hair is hair". And if you love it and your passionate about it then. You can be just as good no matter where you’re.

Yes. I got that too. I also thought that the haircuts walking down every High street was all looked the same. Like everywhere you went the kids had the same haircut.
And that every haircut had a name attached.... The beckham or The fin etc
We just don't do that in Melbourne

It’s kind of Naff really. Like Sydney in that, if they clock it in a magazine or in the street.
They want to roll just like that. We don't roll like that in Melbourne!!

So I heard a rumor that you have worked in 16 different salons in as many years... Is that true?

Who knows man? I never counted them in my younger days. Maybe? I walked my walk.

So it's true or not?
We're not talking lovers here...We are talking Hairdressing Salons

I don't Kiss and tell.
Now you got me thinking and counting. I’d say your Bang on.
Well actually, maybe a few less. .

16 is a lot of salons, I can imagine what the people reading this would be thinking. Have you got anything to say to them out there?

Yeah that’s a sticky question. On paper it doesn’t look good. I guess I was ruthless in my pursuit of knowledge. And my passion for learning took me far and wide. Great for me though. Perhaps. A pity I couldn't learn all that in one place. But all that’s behind me now.

So are there any hairdressers that you worked with that you admire?

From time to time I came a cross some very talented and passionate people. A young man called Jean-Paul springs to mind! .

AHHHH Shucks, You’re making me blush. Anybody else?

Martyn Gayle @ Aveda is a genius.
Nicolas Jurnjak in Sydney
Guido Palau is a god, I passed him a pin once. I was peeking and freaking all day!

Okay, now a tough one, are you ready?

I'm scared.

What are the biggest problems facing apprentice hairdressers today?

I feel that most salons around the country seriously lack dedication to education and training " Inn House". And that most certainly doesn’t help young kids who are already doing a shorter apprenticeship of 3 years. These two things are the biggest challenges in my view.

So tell me your top 10 products/tools?

So I had a little look in my kit and have come to realize that I actually roll fairly light these days. I have quite a few things I like to work with but find I like tend to change it in accordance with the direction of my work or the particular brief I'm working with..

I really do like the following products and use them a fair bit..

Strong hold styling gel (Kiehls)
Volumizing tonic (Aveda)
Hair Resort (K.Murphy)
Easy Rider (K.Murphy)
Session Spray (K.Muphy)
Prep (Bumble+Bumble)
Re Do (johnathan Product)
Pli (Loreal)
Holding Spray (Bumble+Bumble)
Brilliantine (Bumble+Bumble)


As far as styling tools are concerned. I love Blowdrying Hair! So I have lot's of different brushes.. Round brushes, square brushes, Nanna brushes. I also carry a few different mason pearson brushes. yet again in differen't sizes! 

I do use quite a few different kinds of Irons. I always have at least 3 different diameter curling irons. I have a really hot Hairdryer being a Parlux and I also carry around three different irons form GHD, being Slim, Thin and thick! But a big favourite would be the 3 Prong tong!

Fantastic. So how can we get in contact with you...?
Facebook, mobile number, email address?

I generally recieve all of my work through referral. So basically word of mouth. Facebook has been a revolution though!

Momac Hairsressing
120 Carlisle St
St. Kilda 3182
03 95342108

Has websites helped, such as

www.myhairdressersearch.com has been an interesting utility as has Facebook. It has definately created an avenue for people to go down should they wish to pursue you! All they need do is google your name or details about you, and you'll show up on screen!

What advice would you give to young apprentices?

My advice to young apprentices is very simple. It is extremely important that you work for an organization that has a real focus on education and is dedicated to NURTURING, EDUCATING AND CULTIVATING Its people. Much like any company, the success of a hair shop is dependant on its people. So if the right structure and focus is in place, you'll have every opportunity to succeed. Having said that, what an individual puts in is what they'll ultimately get back. So if the dedication is there and within the right structure. The only way is up.