Super Bowl

Seems like the fashion world has caught up with the stylings of Karen O ever since Fever To Tell flooded the dance floor, my clients (you know who you are, I'm talking to you fitzroyalty) have been in a frenzy to get their looks in check with whatever the yeah yeah yeahs front woman is busting this minute. Anyway, where am I going with this.

I entered a competition to get free tickets for the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Melbourne show. It went like this.

What would you wear to get the attention of Karen O?

Being a short lad I should wear some heels, 11 inch heels from Nina Richie to see Over the sea of Karen O worshipers. For some sparkle I'll wear a purple jewelled metallic knit cardigan and matching slim trousers by Sonja rykiel. Obviously this all sounds over the top but I believe the red lipstick by Chanel will pull the look together.
The mulberry manbag and Karen walker eye frames will stay at home as they are not conducive to the
mosh-pit or crowd surfing.

No I didn't win but in the meantime check this link for


Weapon of Mass Beautification

By far the most used product in my kit bag. Bumble and Bumble Prep spray is an ultra-lite detangler that enhances the performance of styling products and quickly re-freshens already styled hair without weighing it down. This is my first go-to product on every shoot I do, as often models will arrive with unruly hair, or worst still, un washed hair. It’s like starting over.

Example: For the models with big hair on this post I Liberally sprayed Prep on dry and/or damp hair, combed hair, then spritzed volumizing spray over the top. Then styled hair as I desired.

Think of it as, what foundation is to make up. Simple put, it prepares the hair for styling.