The Hairdressers Complained.

All hair by Luigi Murenu.

The hairdressers complained, in brief:

"What are the duties of barbers but to shave heads and purchase severed hair to give the needful plait by means of fire and iron on locks that are no longer living?"

The art of hairdressing, they continued, required at once the talents of poet, painter, and sculptor. "It is necessary," they insisted, "to understand shades of color, chiaroscuro and the proper distribution of shadow; the art of dressing prudes without making them obtrusive; the art of displaying the coquette, and of making the mother appear to be the elder sister of the daughter; the art of suiting the coiffure to the affections of the soul which someone is desired to comprehend, to the desire to please, to the languid bearing which wishes only to interest, to the vivacity which will brook no resistance - all this requires an intelligence which is not common and a tact which must be inborn. The art of the "coiffure des dames" is therefore an art bordering upon genius and consequently is a free and liberal art."

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