Neoclassic Man

I wrote this little piece hoping that it will get published in www.cosmetiholic.com.

The modern man is in a state of flux.

The weight of the world on his shoulders, interest rates, share portfolios, global economy, house duties, baldness, what to wear, rising waist lines in trousers not to forget widening waist lines and pleasing the little woman at home.

Thanks largely to the fashion world’s obsession with Morrissey and the Tv show Mad Men et al, there has never been a time than right now to neaten up and carry a comb in the back pocket.

Modern man is neoclassic, he puts style over fad. For the gent who is more fashion forward I suggest sporting a pompadour. This is quintessentially mens hair at it’s best. Think of it like the Ray Ban’s of mens haircuts. Gone are the days of hogging your girlfriends straightening irons, or sporting elaborate multi-directional hair (I know you’re out there).

Try Kiehls Creative Cream Wax (www.kiehls.com). It’s a mix of wax and cream so it washes out easily and holds your hair in place without it looking like your trying to hard.

Straight out of the shower, apply and comb. Effortlessly cool.

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