Start breaking my heart

I don’t normally post pictures of haircuts here, however, I was doing my rounds on the Wide World Web when I stumbled on some photos of haircuts I like at the moment. It struck me that they all have one thing in common, as you can see for yourself.

Everywhere I look I see blunt cut hair.

It kind of reminds me of lovers past. Or should I say, a lover past. Do you remember that kooky girl at school who wore black all the time, smoked cigarettes, had an English accent, listened to Kate Bush and used to loiter around the art department? Well, her name is Abbie and Abbie was everything, She was my first real crush I had with an older girl. We dated in high school, I was a pimply 15 year old and she was 17.  When I say date, I really mean I hung out with her for three months until it ended very abruptly.

One minute we are making out in her bedroom to the sounds of Nick Cave, the next, she started hanging around Neil. All I knew about Neil was he was at university and drove a car. 

And now I hate everybody bearing the name Neil the world over, forever more. 

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  1. Hi! I love your blog, and now i see you link to us! Can you offer any advice for a loveinmelburnian wanting to go from long useless hair to short, blunt, rock bob?