Shake it baby. Polaroid.

In a recent interview by Style Street I revealed a new project I’m currently working on.

A little book of Polaroids. Here is a sample.

A portrait of Amber Valletta and myself.

Style Street: So why blog?

Jean-Paul Rosette: My friends are black collar workers, so when I asked them what they were working on, they would show me their CD, building, short film etc, and I felt like I didn’t really have anything physical to show besides the photo shoot or magazine spread, so the blog is my way of addressing that. Perhaps it’s my reflection on the semi-permanent nature of hairdressing. And a way of sketching out ideas and my thoughts about current trends and the industry.

Street Style: Future plans.

Jean-Paul Rosette: Putting together a little book of Polaroids. I’ve taken thousands of these things over the years. I like the format. It’s imperfect, instant and disposable all at the same time.

Photos of Amber Valletta, Alyssa Sutherland and Unknown taken by Jean-Paul Rosette.


  1. This will be great, any ideas when the book might be ready? Also do you know when the shot with Alyssa Sutherland was taken? Thanks! :D

  2. Alyssa Sutherland's photo was taken by myself circa 1998