If you only buy one hairbrush, invest in the best brush money can buy, a MASON PEARSON brush. An essential item for any beauty kit, whether you’re a professional hairstylist, make-up artist or novice. Or for anyone who takes pride in his or her crowning glory.

Here’s a quick history lesson about the company.

Mason Pearson is the founder and engineer inventor of the Mason Pearson Brush. In the mid 1860s he worked for the British Steam Brush Works where he learned the trade. He mastered brush making by hand. Later to partner with Raper Pearson Gill to form a small brush making business.

In 1885 he invented the automatic boaring machine to speed the process of making brushes by hand. He became well known for his brush making skills and he won the Silver Medal at the International Inventions Exhibition awards. He also created ‘pneumaticrubber cushion brush. It took Mason until 1905 to improve his technique and become successful. Most of the brush work is still done by hand and the company remains a family business.

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