You might recall me talking about the shoot titled Carousel where I dismantled some foam picked up from Clarke Rubber and carved them into shapes. Then wrapped hair around them to form headpieces for the models to wear. Bespoke headpieces to the model’s exact hair colour and head shape. It’s painstaking stuff that kept me up for nights on end. The end result was better than I expected and I was eager to get involved in some more needle and thread.

I call this Kraft Work.

After a drunken chat around a kitchen table with the lovely Girl’s from Gorman (cult Melbourne based fashion label) I was enlisted to produce a Carmen Miranda style headpiece that involved fruit but done in a modern way to be shown at the upcoming Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2011, something that wouldn’t distract from the outfit and something that wouldn’t look kitsch.

Not knowing if this was just the tipple talking or if they thought I could pulls this off I set off to procure the best looking fake fruit I could buy and thought about how I could secure them on an unknown model’s head with no trial and 72 hours notice.

However, you can see the results for yourself.

Swimwear from Gorman. Image taken from fashionising .

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