Hair Ball

I often get asked "how did you do that?" for various shoots that I do so I decided to put up a how to guide for what I like to call Hair ball.
On clean dry hair.
1. brush hair.
2. Place product evenly in hair ie; volumiser, mouse etc.
3. Blast dry hair.
4. Reapply product.
5. Blow-wave hair smooth.
6. Position intended ball.
7. Brush hair into a firm high pony tail and secure with elastic.
8. Use pomade and fine brush (toothbrush) to smooth fly-away hair from hair line to pony tail.
9. Pay attention to the nape and sew a seam using needle and thread to give nape a smooth taunt finish and tension.
10. Back-comb pony tail in fine sections.
11. Place 1st ball/doughnut into the centre of the ball at its base.
12. Pin and secure ball/doughnut.
13. Smooth hair around ball using a fine brush or comb.
14. Secure 1st ball with elastic.
15. Repeat step 10 to 14 to add more balls/doughnuts.
16. Use long fringe pins to add buoyancy to the design and shape.
17. Place hair fine nets to smooth all fly away hair
18. To finish, use a fixative for hold and shine.

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