Lost art of finger wave

This was originally written for cosmetiholic.com but didn't make it.

Finger Waves takes some practice to perfect.

1) Start with a freshly washed, damp hair and apply setting lotion or liquid gel. I like to use a light setting lotion such as AVEDA SCULTING LOTION. And part hair as you normally would, for better results part hair lower than you normally would i.e. corner of your eye brow. Now beginning on the side with more hair, using a fine comb, comb down from the part about two inches, pulling the hair tight along the way towards your face. 

2) Place your finger above and parallel to your parting and over the center of the wave you are shaping. Now comb down about 1/2 inch away from your finger, following the natural wave of the hair, keeping the comb parallel to your part move the comb back away from your face making a ‘C’, or half an ‘S”. Make sure you comb every layer of hair down to the scalp. Then hold your first wave in place with a sectioning clip.

3) Now create the second part of your “s” curl by firmly combing towards your face again. Your index finger should still be firmly in place, again, making sure to comb all the layers of you hair to the scalp. And use sectioning clips to secure hair.

4 Repeat the process on both sides until you are about two inches away from your nape.

5) The excess hair at the nape can be curled and pinned into a flat ringlet with a little setting lotion. For short hair, the ends can be wound around your finger and pinned flat against the head, creating a pin curl. For longer hair, I like to form a bun to hold the non-finger waved hair. Again, use section clips to hold hair in place. 

6) Place hairnet over head & blow-dry thoroughly until it is bone dry.

7) Gently remove hairnet and sectioning clips. Now gently brush your hair in the direction of your waves using a MASON PEARSON BRUSH or something similar. For softer results, keep brushing.

8) A light spritz of gloss such as BUMBLE AND BUMBLE SHINE SPRAY.

9) For durability, apply your favourite hairspray.

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