I confess. I’m a newly converted disciple of twitter.

For those who don’t know about Twitter, it’s best described as a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time.

So after I had walked out of the hotel room where I did Rachel Grithiff’s hair, and after I smugly placed a “just did Rachel Griffith’s hair” update. I put twitter to the test.

Within mere seconds I found these.

JodiAceVA #logies best dressed: Kat Stewart, Rachel Griffiths and Jessica Marais

graziella131@jeanpaulrosette It was very nice Jean-Paul. A French bun? Ciao.

kirstythorpe@jeanpaulrosette I am such a fan (from six feet under) - lucky thing :)

laurenzoric@jeanpaulrosette reassuringly expensive i hope?

lipstickspeak @kyleandjackieo What was with Rachel Griffiths, school marm.

HotHouseMedia HotHouse's best dressed Logie list Sarah Murdoch, Rachel Griffiths, Natasha Belling, Sandra Sully, Ruby Rose, Kat Stewart and Kristy Hinze

bellabacchante RT @trevoryoung: Rachel Griffiths all class #logies. indeed Rachel Griffiths ftw!

lizwarde Rachel Griffiths looks gorgeous

h2hcreations Logies Night Photos - (the Australian Oscars) biggest for Australian TV actors and actresses - absolutely loved Rachel Griffith

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