The hair collector

Would you like to give me a hair from your head? 

I am currently working on an art project where I collect hair. I want one hair only from each person and anyone who wishes to may contribute to the project. It is important that those who give do so in their own free will. I also want them to personally pull out the hair they wish to give me. The hairs will be displayed in one or more exhibitions. 
In addition I wish to do performances and produce books in connection with this project. How the final result will be is not yet settled. I will take good care of the collected hairs. In case you wish to be anonymous and give a hair, that’s ok. But if you wish to give away a hair, and at the same time submit some personal information, that’s even better.


Year of birth:

Place of birth,


Date of hair removal:

Place, country while hair was removed:


If you wish to donate a hair to this project I would appreciate it very much. 
If in addition you would like to pass this message along to your local and distant friends that would be a great help, too. Obviously they may let the message keep going and the further away from me the invitation goes the better. If you would like to collect hairs from your friends feel free to send many hairs and information in an envelope. 
If you would like to provide me with your e-mail address I will keep you updated on the development of the project.

Shipment address:
Kurt Johannessen
Nyhavnsbakken 3 
5042 Bergen 

Sincerely yours,
Kurt Johannessen

The information about the participants and their hair will be separated. 
It is not possible to link the hair to the person.

For questions, please mail: kurt@zeth.no

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