Meet Thy Maker- Denu shampoo giveaway

Hey y'all. I have in my hands a package of 100% natural and organic Divine Shampoo and Conditioner, plus a bottle of a new men's shampoo from the good people at Denu to give away. All you have to do is comment on this post to be in the draw to win. Entries close on June 10th 2010 and the winner will announced on Monday 14th June 2010.

The winner will receive
One bottle of Divine shampoo 275ml
One bottle of Men's shampoo 260ml
One bottle of Divine conditioner 275ml .

Good luck, but first of all,
Meet thy maker..

I’m interested in the natural and organic angle, was that something you’d previously been interested in?

I became aware of the added ingredients in food, body products and cleaning products about 7 years ago. It was such an eye opener; l was completely shocked at the number of chemicals in products l was using on a daily basis especially as l knew skin is the largest organ of our body and absorbs what’s applied to it and l didn’t want all of those chemicals in my body. Hair and scalp also absorb what’s applied to it so l started looking for natural and organic shampoo and conditioner and found several options although l wasn’t completely happy with any of them – some were ineffective, incredibly expensive, foreign made or ridiculously over packaged (such a waste both economically and environmentally) so l knew there was a gap in the market l could fill. After working for 10 years travelling as a sales & marketing manager for a global company, l decided to start my own business and create a range of body products that are effective to use, natural & organic, made in Australia, packaged beautifully and support local charities - denu is almost 3 years old and growing strong..

Can you speak a bit about your process, in terms of how you create your products, choose your fragrances and came up with the name of your company?

Denu comes from the word denude meaning bare and this is the idea behind the products – using bare natural ingredients.

The process involves lots of testing! I have many fabulous ‘testers’ (family & friends) who willingly test new products and scents and let me know what they like and don’t like in regards to the effectiveness, the feel, the smell and how long it lasts them, etc. l also have a great team that l work very closely with; for example, my scent lady (as l affectionately call her) created the denu scent that’s used in several products such as the hand cream and it’s based on feedback from my market research for a fresh, citrus base scent without lavender.

This is a question I get asked about a lot in terms of shampoo, which is “does this contain sodium lauryl sulfate?” And I understand most consumers are aware of the harmful dangers using SLS and we all know why other shampoo companies use sls, simply put, because it’s cheap. I noticed your shampoo contains olefin sulfonate. What should a consumer know about olefin sulfonate?

Yes, SLS is something to avoid as studies have indicated that SLS easily penetrates through the skin and enters and maintains residual levels in the heart, the liver, the lungs and the brain. Olefin sulfonate is an emulsifier which, helps essential oils mix with water and is plant derived, from coconut. It allows the shampoo to bubble without the nasty side effects associated with SLS.

Sigmond Frued said “Soap is the Yardstick of Civilization”. Back in ye olde days people just used soap in their hair, modern shampoo was made because our water was becoming harder and regular soap wasn’t doing the trick. Today, our water is extremely treated and the customer is well practiced in the use of hair irons and straighteners. Is this something you consider when making a product for modern use?

To a certain extent, yes. l wanted to produce and only happy using a shampoo that is natural and contains organic ingredients where available. Is also must be effective on many types of hair – be that oily, dry, chemical treated, coloured, etc so people can reduce the amount of chemicals they put on their head and scalp. Whilst this wasn’t my main aim, the fact that my products work so well on any type of hair without using synthetic ingredients means hair will be healthier.

What are your future plans?

I’ve recently added a shampoo and body wash for my men’s range; the shampoo has a new specially created denu scent (my clever scent lady worked her magic yet again) which is an essential oil blend
of traditional masculine notes modernised with fresh citrus and it’s getting a great response with men; in fact l already have several women who have bought the shampoo for their partners and love the scent so much, they start using it too. Both of my shampoos are suitable for all hair types - so that works fine! Next l’d like to introduce children’s products to the denu range; specifically a no-tears shampoo/ body wash and lovely moisturiser. I often receive product feedback from customers which l really pay attention to as it often gives me ideas for new products..

Sarah from Denu Products.


  1. I'd like to try some shampoo.

  2. I'll have some even though I'm not a man... PS Did you ever tell me you have a blog?

  3. I'll have some!!!
    Regards Jackie P.

    Organic shampoo...Gimme gimme gimme.

  5. this competition is too easy!

  6. Thank you JP and Sarah for the delicious organic shampoos and conditioner - I just had my hair coloured (properly!) and it feels really nourishing after the colour... highly recommended!